Pool Table Refelting Service

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You must admit, there’s nothing quite like owning a pool table. Having one boosts your cool factor ten-fold and is a great game for both recreational and competitive play. Higher-end tables are a great investment and maintenance is relatively inexpensive so long as proper care is maintained throughout ownership.

Quality-made pool table felt can last for up to a decade.

Although, pool-playing frequents are bound to have accidents, some in which causing felt tears. In such cases, Alpha Billiards is able to assess, repair, restore and repurpose the felt to as-new condition. Our quality-focused pool table mechanics offer restoration for both recreational and commercial pool tables (no job is too BIG or small).

Felt replacement is one of our most frequently received requests. In the event of a felt-ripping accident, having the table serviced for restoration is more economical compared to the cost of replacing the entire table. This is why many turn to Alpha Billiards for any and all felt repair and table restoration needs.

The Alpha Billiards re-felting service is available for 7, 8 and 9-foot tables.

Alpha Billiards takes a quality-craftsmanship approach. Having your table re-felted with us will ensure balls seamlessly glide across the surface, just as a quality table should. If your table’s felt is showing signs of wear and tear and has loose patching, snags, rips or pilings, it’s time for restoration.

This type of felt damage will cause balls to go astray and will cause players to sub-perform (making for an experience that’s anything but enjoyable).

Repurposing a pool table is a skilled trade. It’s a process not only involving specialized tools/materials but a process that requires a solid understanding of the process and techniques used for proper re-felting. This is why, if you need your table re-felted, it is best to turn to the professionals – Alpha Billiards!

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